If everybody bought one used item this year, instead of buying new, it would save 449 million pounds of waste.* With Levi’s® SecondHand, we’re inviting you to join us in a more sustainable future.

Levi’s® tell the story of a life well-lived. They only improve with every rip and tear. So get out there and make them your own. It’s your turn to write the next chapter.



Jared Ellner for Levi's SecondHand

"I wear vintage Levi's almost every day. I don't really know what my style would be without them. I base 90 percent of what I wear off them, and every time I'm running out of the house, I grab them. They're the easiest thing and the thing I feel best in all in one. Truly, they're like the bread and butter of my personal style."

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*Source: Green Story Environmental Study