1890 501® Men's Jeans

Resale: $150
Color: Blue
Size: 38 36
Condition:Aged & Distressed
Waist measures 37". Hip measures 47". Inseam measures 22". Minor fading throughout. Moderate discoloration and scuff marks throughout. Faint pilling on inner thigh.

Already broken-in and made better by time.

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While Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis invented the blue jean in 1873, 1890 was thefirst year the 501® lot number was adopted. Levi Strauss & Co.’s patent for rivetedclothing expired that same year, meaning that other companies could now alsouse rivets on clothing. To answer the coming competition, LS&Co. printed theinside pocket bag with information about the strength and originality of theXX overalls.1890 was the year that the 501® number was first assigned to the famous pants–likely done because the company no longer had an exclusive patent, and alsobecause it had a good-sized line of clothing by this time. It was easier for retailersto order their products by number rather than by a simple description, as hadbeen done in the past. Any product made with the highest quality materials wasgiven a lot number beginning with 5: 501® for the overall, 506 for the jacket, etc.Made with XX 9oz denim from the Amoskeag Manufacturing Company, the 501®pant was at the head of the class.

Style: #90501

How it Fits

  1. Straight

Composition & Care

  1. 100% Cotton

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