1966 501® Original Men's Jeans

Resale: $150
Color: Blue
Size: 29 34
Condition:Worn & Torn
Moderate fading on multiple locations. Heavy discoloration on knees. Waist measures 28". Inseam measures 29".

Already broken-in and made better by time.

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When Levi Strauss & Co. covered the back pocket rivets in 1937, everyone thoughtthat would solve the problem of rivets scratching their furniture when they satdown. But those copper rivets were tougher than they looked—after a few years ofhard wear, they continued to break right through the denim, scratching things upagain.By 1966, technology had caught up with history, and it was possible to bar tackthe 501® Jean’s back pockets, replacing the back pocket rivets. The text on thepocket flasher indicates this change. This small change maintained the jean’snotorious durability, while finally solving that decades-long furniture-scratchingissue. This particular style of 501® Jean—with bar tacks and a big “E” red Tab—only existed from 1966 to 1971.What does this mean for the 1966 501® Jean? It means someone who hitchhikedtheir way to San Francisco in 1967 and bought a pair of 501® Jeans wasnot only experiencing a once-in-a-lifetime event, but was wearing a unique pairof jeans—a pair which would change again when the Summer of Love was just afaded memory.

Style: #66501

How it Fits

  1. Straight

Composition & Care

  1. 100% Cotton

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